Our mission is to help our clients set new standards of excellence in their industry.

We understand that every community is unique and requires its own tailored set of planning and implementation tools.


Trevi Ltd is a Global Energy Raw Material, Oil Products Trader Company, located in Russia, Europe, Dubai and strategic partners in some areas of the Middle and Far East.

Since January 2021, shareholder with Significant Control is based in the United States and Trevi Ltd is controlled by a branch of the American headquarters located in the United Kingdom. However, the company still operates independently, we take our products from both small and major producers as well as state-owned companies, arrange the physical trading, storing, logistics and also deliver them to our clients.


We knows, we are working on some of the world’s biggest challenges. This is our motto in a super competitive market where large companies operate with resources higher than ours; resources, no superior skills.

Trevi was formed in 2010 and made up of executives who have a long track record in the global energy sector. Our executives have achieved some important results in the global energy sector, both in the fossil energy market (oil and petrochemicals) and in alternative energy market. This has allowed us to plan constant growth through a vision based on success, thanks to targeted strategies and successful partnerships that our managers have been able to schedule; today we have the knowledge and skills to provide the option of selecting a combination of business models to suit various phases of a project cycle.

Every day we live our profession always through challenges to win to demonstrate that our team is able to bring our customers' goals to success for the satisfaction of both parties.


To help our partners and customers to create a world in which the professional relationships are not only desirable and profitable, but respectful and kind. To be a recognized company and To be one of the Preferred Option for customers, suppliers, brokers and collaborators. And, all together, improve and respect the environment that surrounds us, for the benefit of our children and next generations.


Our talented employees lead through competences, services, innovations, and teamworks. We look for innovating solutions for our clients in terms of quality products and effective processes. We offer top notch technical and financial advice to our suppliers, investors and business partners to make possible the success and, as a consequence, foster long-lasting relationships.


We respects the dignity, rights, and culture of our employees, suppliers, business partners and their communities. As responsible employees and citizens, we respect our company and its assets, and we respect the laws of the communities we live and interact with. We foster a culture of respect, fairness and discretion. We excel in our intercultural sensitivity and international experience.


We are committed individually and collectively to high standards of ethical behavior. We respect each other and our environment, and proudly conduct our business practice and we undertaking in a legal and responsible manner; being ethically unyielding, honest and inspiring trust by saying what we mean, matching our behaviors to our words and taking responsibility for our actions.


Our approach is founded in long-term partnership and relationship, identification of project quality, economic and financial efficiency, due diligence, compliance of procedures, logistics and competitive pricing, in this way our commitment allows us to help our partners, customers and their managers in order to make clear-sighted, wise decisions. Indeed we have a rigorous approach to evaluate risk, we examine each project, idea and interest attentively to ensure compliance and maintain financial prudence.


Trevi is led by a diverse international team with important experience with regard to commercial and industrial, able to developing company's policy, providing financial support, guiding and advancing the company’s strategic vision and plan, managing a global group, operational efficiency, cultural values and dedication to client service with the ambition to make people and business grow. Each member of the team is dedicated to helping our staff connect and take action to create sustainable change.


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