Identifying and quantifying risks is a critical part of transactions.

We thoroughly investigate all the details since enhanced Due Diligence is critical to the raw material industry.


Whether it's examining potential customers, partners, third-party suppliers or other entities involved in the oil and commodity industry, a robust due diligence process must always be established to mitigate risk.

We are aware that relying on financial health information alone is not enough in the raw material industry. Therefore we have a company policy that commits us to check any sanctions and data on exposed persons, country risk assessments, negative news, litigation history and more. Additionally, we maintain verifiable evidence that the due diligence and compliance process is in place and being used.


Our Compliance Office is able to conduct a thorough and targeted Due Diligence, considering that we have responsibilities towards our partners and producers who support us both financially and by supplying us with products. That is the reason we must always proceed with assessments that allow us to reduce and control the risks that may be encountered in the raw materials industry.

Our Chief Compliance Officer has a wide experience in intelligence services and a comprehensive knowledge of best practice procedures across the raw material industry. So, the office specializes in pulling out reliable due diligence audits detailing confidential confirmation of risk levels likely we may encountered.


We at Trevi know that international trade is able to offer a great potential for growth to the new businesses - where some markets (such as raw materials) play an important role in the economies within countries - that sometimes they do not know some or all of the engagement rules, just as there are local traders who reason and think about ways of acting and proceeding that do not comply with the rules of international engagement. Furthermore, it happens that some private entities are present in territories that have histories of well-known fraudulent activities, sometimes this creates embarrassment and fears even to the most organized companies; fortunately - and professionally - we are aware of fraudulent schemes that might affect our business, but this is sometimes not enough.

We are serious professionals and responsible people towards the community and our partners, therefore, if in the stages of control procedures we find obstacles, doubts and complex situations to verify, we designate "Specialized Consulting Firms", which through their lawyers, managers and "specialists" help us to protect our interests and money, as well as defending our reputation.


We know very well that some information we receive and that is exchanged is strictly personal and confidential, therefore we are aware that this data is the result of years of hard work and commitment in the trading of raw materials by our counterpart. Then, within the limits of what is foreseen and permitted by international and local laws in force, no information is disclosed externally to third parties. Anyway, in compliance with the information of the counterparty and in compliance with the roles, we always inform our interlocutor of how we are acting and how certain data will be used.


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