We take pride in making connections and creating synergies between our core practice areas.

Trevi has extensive experience across oil industry to ensure your vision becomes a reality.


Trevi is a company with an unusual combination of talents in the energy industry, was established by an experienced team of experts with the aim of handling raw materials and developing services in order to support trading engagement and activity. We are focused on production, procurement, transportation and storage.

Trevi, through its parent company, can provide energy recovery services, design and investments for alternative energy projects.


Our trading business connects our company and the group to the world’s markets for oil derivateves, power, refinery and chemical/material/mineral feedstock and currencies. Our trading activities are the commercial face of our company, and all staff group within it work closely with our businesses supporting our partners and customers.

In addition to trading physical commodities, we are active in the financial markets, and provide energy price risk management and hedging services for our partners and customers, as well as provide investments for alternative energy projects.


Trevi is a international energy trader with a presence and activities globally. Our key spots are spread across three continents, in Russia (Moscow), Italy (Rome and Milan), UK (London), Bulgaria (Sofia), Macedonia (Skopje), Moldova (Chisinau), Turkey (Istanbul), USA (Houston and New York), UAE (Dubai), India (Mumbai and New Delhi), Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh), Singapore and Hong Kong.

Through these trading platforms we can interact with our partners and customers, delivering tailor-made energy supply solutions.


Today, governments are required to build a society in which waste is getting closer to zero and waste can be seen as a resource to be reused, as well as an energy resource.

This is why we have also begun to see new business frontiers that allow us to help support a better world, safeguarding people's health and creating environmental sustainability. And this is the reason that prompted us to accept to be part of a group that bases its policy on alternative energy and waste recovery to keep environmental pollution to a minimum.

That is one reason why we are specializing in combining environmental sustainability, efficiency in the use of resources and economic opportunities.


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