We assist companies to reduce costs and improve performance.

High cost investments and complex operations challenge today’s raw material businesses.


We have the experience and workforce to address issues of absolute importance in the raw materials industry, such as the science of logistics. Experience in implementation of logistics strategy, network optimization, transportation, warehouse optimization, management processes and supply chain planning, modeling and optimization.

Our partners guarantee delivery capability includes a minimum of ships under charter at any time, in this way and thanks to them we are able to meet the requirements of our clients without any unnecessary delays.


Safety and efficiency are key issues when handling raw materials, especially in the phase where science of logistics is essential to ensure the success of all parties involved. This is why our staff is able to develop complex, flexible, global and multimodal solutions, which are studied and designed with our qualified and specialized partners specifically for complexity of the sector. Since, we at Trevi, as responsible and professional people of our physical operations, we seek to work with partners which share our commitment to high international standards of operation. Partners able to follow and allow us to improve ourselves in the complex issues in science of logistics.

Therefore, we always make targeted and guaranteed choices, considering that our partners are essential in our commitment to operate in a way that is responsible, transparent and respectful to all. Through our standards we set out our expectations for ethical business practices, health and safety, human rights and the environment.


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