We are able to guarantee long-lasting results and in a short time.

Our solid and dynamic structure ensures maximum effectiveness for companies that need answers and quick solutions.


We bring our depth of experience, our knowledge of best practices, and our sensitivity to local conditions to bear on each project developing tailored solutions to meet the unique needs of each customer.

Experience, services and solutions for implementation of logistics strategies, transportation, warehouse optimizations, supply chain planning, management processes and currency hedging services; these services are able to help our customers to optimize their risks in the trading.


It's well known that management of freight cost can improve operating income of businesses. We can help develop specialized logistics solutions for customers globally.

We know the very specific needs of businesses, investors and brokers, that is why our management is able to realize the right needs, provide strategies, solutions and right requirement for reliable and compliant delivery services, since is well known that management of freight cost can improve operating income of businesses.

We can help develop specialized logistics solutions for customers in global areas. We provide services and solutions to optimize and ensure best pricing and scheduling on every territory, land or sea that is. We are able to organize all phases of supply chain management, from the collection point up to storage points, including vessel loading and unloading, and subsequent logistics to final destination.

This commitment requires a lot of effort and time plus overhead administrative costs to organize the essential customs procedures for their freight, then we provide and we are specialized in such aspects which also include all customs related formalities, incoming and outgoing.


We are committed to establishing long-term partnerships with our clients, bacause each client is the reason that we are in business and we will never forget that.

We like to simplify the aspect of all selling and consulting services, in order to make the client experience simple and transparent.


We assist companies in addressing business challenges in the areas of Integrated Refining and Marketing Optimization, Cost reduction and Supply Chain Optimization. We help companies in the following areas of downstream fuels marketing: Customer-driven retail and brand strategies, Wholesale marketing, Retail site/store operations and customer experience optimization, Network planning, Pricing (retail/rack fuel and store), Commercial and industrial marketing and Lubricants marketing. We provide related services to: Back-To-Back LC, Bank Hedging, Export/Import, and Customs Advice, Factoring reverse/services, Deferred payment arrangements, Logistics & Transportation & Tank Storage Facilities.


Trevi has traders and professionals with years of experience in the raw material market.

We continually strives to provide value-added services, quality and competency.

We identify and implement the best solution through our experience, know-how and problem solving skills, our commitment allows us to advise and provide services assisting our clients in carrying out extraordinary activities.

We are, therefore, always faced with an important challenge with the right solutions which will enable us to achieve your aims.


Sometime our clients asking us to provide a service requiring a particular expertise that we may not have in our in-house team. To cover situations like this we have established alliances with a number of carefully selected strategic companies able to interact with the needs of our work and your aims.

Global companies known with trusted integrity and independence, commercially appropriate to the project's needs and able to offers value to our client. Once we understand that it would be useful to use the services of our strategic partners we always advise our client before we make any commitments.


Just contact us, then tell us about your idea, project and interest.


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